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the medium
by Gian Carlo Menotti
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Madame Flora-Baba Madame Flora-Baba Monica Monica
Mary Clare McAlee ** Judith Skinner * Kate Oberjat* Rachel Sitomer **
Toby Toby Mrs. Gobinaeu Mrs. Gobineau
Aaron Berk * Spencer Cameron Young ** Meredith Buchholtz* Susan Holsonbake **
Mr. Gobineau Mr. Gobineau Mrs. Nolan Mrs. Nolan
Brian Henry*
Giuseppe Spoletini**
Patrice Eaton**
Caroline Tye *
    * Thur/Sat Matinee **Fri/Sat Evening
Monica (Cover)
Monica Thakker      
Music Director
Pianist Orchestra Contractor Stage Director
Carmine Aufiero
Garry Ianco Laura Alley

Co- Producer and Costume Design

Co-Producer and
Properties Design

Lighting Design Set Design
Lynne Hayden-Findlay Leonarda Priore Michael Megliola Joshua Rose
Stage Manager Make-up/Hair Design Production
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Lisa Ahman Jennifer Wallin Robert J. Saferstein Minah Yim
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