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Act One
before the house of Donna Anna, late at night

Leporello rants about the demands Don Giovanni puts on him. He is tired of the messes the Don keeps getting them into and swears he is going to leave his service. Rather than spend the rest of his life as Don G’s sentry, he wants to become a gentleman himself.

Donna Anna runs out of the house pursued by Giovanni, swearing that she will chase him to the ends of the earth to discover who his identity. Giovanni taunts her, saying she will never learn who he is. Leporello watches from the side, commenting that his master is in another mess.

Donna Anna’s father, Il Commendatore, runs out having heard her pleas for help. She runs back into the house. Giovanni challenges him, they duel and Il Commendatore is slain.

Giovanni discovers Leporello in hiding. Leporello asks who was killed. After they leave, Donna Anna, accompanied by her fiancée, Don Ottavio emerge from the house but cannot find Giovanni.

Donna Anna discovers her father’s body and faints. Don Ottavio helps revive her. Although he would like to marry her, she asks that he wait and at her bidding, swears to hunt down the disguised villain and avenge her father’s murder.

a street, early the next morning

Leporello reprimands Giovanni for the life he leads. Giovanni reprimands Leporello in turn for being critical. Smelling the scent of a woman approaching, they withdraw to see who is coming.

Donna Elvira, arriving from Burgos, laments the loss of her lover, her husband, who after only three days of marriage, betrayed and abandoned her. Feeling pity for this woman (who he doesn’t yet realize is Donna Elvira), and thinking she is a prospective conquest to be had, Don Giovanni approaches but all too late realizes it is Donna Elvira and he is the deceitful husband!

Recognizing him, Donna Elvira accuses him of treachery. Don Giovanni tries to brush her off and suggests Leporello set her straight (while Don Giovanni escapes the scene).

Leporello pulls out a catalogue of all the women in the world Don Giovanni has bedded, describing them by types and numbers by country. In Spain, there have been 1,003! He, too, runs off.

Donna Elvira realizes just how badly she has been betrayed, and enters the inn.

the country side, later that day

Two country lovers, Zerlina and Masetto are to be married. Zerlina counsels the women to not wait or they’ll miss their chance at finding love. Masetto tells his friends how happy he is to be getting married but his happiness has yet to begin. Together the express the pleasure they anticipate together.

Don Giovanni and Leporello happen on the wedding party and survey the prospects for a new conquest. Don Giovanni approaches Zerlina who responds freely, infuriating Masetto. The guests are invited to Don

Giovanni’s house where he will provide music, dancing and an abundance of refreshments. He instructs Leporello to take Masetto off so he can be left alone with Zerlina. Masetto objects but is threatened by Don Giovanni.

Masetto consents to go but warns Zerlina to behave herself. He doesn’t trust her. Or Don Giovanni.

Left alone, Don Giovanni tells Zerlina she is too good for a lout such as Masetto and that he will marry her instead.

Not sure what to do, she falls under Don Giovanni’s seductive spell and goes along with him.

Donna Elvira suddenly appears from nowhere and puts a stop to the seduction.

Donna Elvira grabs Zerlina out of Giovanni’s clutches and warns her to flee before she gets hurt. She leaves, taking Zerlina away.

Frustrated at having lost the skirmish, Don Giovanni encounters Donna Anna who is being consoled by Don Ottavio. At first fearful that they might recognize him from the previous night’s events, Donna Anna actually asks his help as a gentleman, which he concedes.

Donna Elvira reappears again, insisting they not believe Don Giovanni’s words. Don Giovanni accuses Donna Elvira of being a crazed woman madly in love with him. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio don’t know who to believe. Desperate to remove Donna Elvira from the scene, he pulls her away and they leave.

Don Giovanni returns for a moment, promising his assistance. Just as he departs, Donna Anna recognizes him for her father’s murderer. Don Ottavio asks to hear exactly what happened. Donna Anna explains that she entered her chamber to find a man hiding in the shadows. At first she thought it was Don Ottavio but soon realized it was someone else who forced his embraces on her. She fought back, screamed, and then ran into the street.

Donna Anna again asks Don Ottavio to avenge her honor lost and her father’s death. She leaves.

Don Ottavio, filled with the desire to avenge his love, swears to hunt down Don Giovanni.

Don Ottavio declares his love for Donna Anna, saying her peace is his joy. He leaves.

a street near Don Giovanni’s villa, the same afternoon

Leporello is again complaining about his master’s actions. He encounters Don Giovanni who asks how things went at the villa. He says he took Masetto there, offered food and drink to everyone. But guess who showed up? (Zerlina.) And with whom? (Elvira.) Who (proceeded to bad mouth Giovanni.) He finally managed to get rid of her. Leporello is dumbstruck as Don Giovanni’s intuition.

Don Giovanni tells Leporello to keep the wine flowing, to bring any girl he sees in the piazza, to keep them all dancing, etc. so he can slip away with one, adding a dozen to the list tomorrow. They go their separate ways.

a garden outside Don Giovanni’s villa, the same afternoon

Zerlina, having found Masetto, asks him to listen to her, explaining that nothing happened with Giovanni. Masetto doesn’t believe her.

Zerlina invites him to beat her and do everything that he might until he believes her. But then she wants to make peace.

Unable to resist her, he agrees. But then, hearing Don Giovanni’s voice, Zerlina is afraid of being seduced again, Masetto thinks she is afraid because maybe something DID pass between her and Don Giovanni. Seeing this as an opportunity to catch her in the act, he hides.

Zerlina also hides, praying Don Giovanni will leave her alone. Don Giovanni enters and orders his servants to escort the peasants to the dancing room. Although hidden, Zerlina is easily discovered by Don Giovanni who renews his seduction of her. Don Giovanni then happens on Masetto who steps out to defend Zerlina. Don Giovanni, taking them arm-in-arm, walks them both off to the villa .

Donna Elvira arrives with Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, cloaked and wearing masks. They plan to “infiltrate�?Giovanni’s villa and capture him there. Realizing the danger they face, they pray heaven will protect them.

The party is in full swing. Zerlina and Masetto fear that although things have begun sweetly, they will reach a bitter end.

Leporello sees the masked strangers and at Don Giovanni’s insistence, invites them in. Everyone sings the praises of liberty.

As a minuet plays, Leporello is occupied with Masetto so Don Giovanni can dance with Zerlina. Although they see what is really happening, the three maskers refrain from acting. Don Giovanni finally manages to steal Zerlina away but she starts screaming. The maskers and Masetto chase after to save her. In the middle of the melee, Don Giovanni drags Leporello in, accusing him of being the attacker. Refusing to believe him, the maskers reveal themselves to Don Giovanni’s surprise. They demand justice but Don Giovanni pushes Leporello into the crowd and escapes.

Act Two
a street near Donna Elvira’s inn, early evening

Leporello, having almost been killed, again swears he is quitting Don Giovanni’s service, this time for real.

Don Giovanni makes peace by giving Leporello 4 coins. He then details his next plot…an attempt to seduce Donna Elivra’s maid by exchanging cloaks and hats, thus disguising himself as Leporello.

beneath Donna Elvira’s window

Donna Elvira continues to be tormented by her feelings toward Giovanni. Now beneath her window, Leporello (dressed as Don Giovanni) swears his undying love and convinces her to come meet him.

Donna Elvira comes down to meet “Don Giovanni”…in reality, Leporello on the Don’s clothes. Leporello continues to woo Donna Elvira in his disguise. Don Giovanni, feigning to be a ghost, frightens them away, and proceeds to find the maid.

Don Giovanni sings a serenade below Donna Elvira’s window, hoping to attract the maid.

Masetto bursts on the scene with other peasants. Don Giovanni, disguised as Leporello, learns the men are hunting for Don Giovanni in order to kill him. They are armed with muskets and pistols.

Offering to help the assault, Don Giovanni (as Leporello) instructs some of the men to go in one direction, others in another, leaving him alone with Masetto.

Don Giovanni now turns the tables on Masetto, beating him to a pulp, then runs off. Zerlina arrives, hearing Masetto’s painful sighs.

Zerlina promises that if Masetto behaves himself, she will take him home and cure all of his pains with a special balm she stores in her heart.

a courtyard before the house of Donna Anna, that same evening

Leporello (as Don Giovanni) is still being followed by Donna Elvira. He tries to lose her in the dark.

Donna Elvira continues to try to find Leporello. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio arrive in the same courtyard. Zerlina and Masetto next arrive, identify Leporello (thinking he is Don Giovanni) and capture him. Donna Elvira defends “Don Giovanni.�? Donna Anna and Don Ottavio are amazed at her blindness. Leporello finally reveals himself. Anna leaves.

The others realize they’ve been duped by Don Giovanni once again.

Leporello begs their forgiveness but at the last moment, he escapes.

All are amazed at Leporello’s cleverness. Don Ottavio announces to the others that he firmly believe it was Don Giovanni who murdered Donna Anna’s father.

Don Ottavio asks them to go inside and comfort Donna Anna until he returns.

Donna Elvira remain alone, expressing her torment between her feelings for Don Giovanni and knowing that he is at heart a villain.

a graveyard, the same evening, a few hours after sunset

Later that evening, Don Giovanni enters a graveyard, again on the hunt for another conquest. He hears Leporello behind the wall. Once inside, Don Giovanni relates his latest adventure, a girl he met on the road and seduced who might have been Leporello’s wife. They are interrupted by an unworldly voice who admonishes Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni tells Leporello to read the statue’s inscription. They realize it is the statue of Il Commendatore speaking.

Leporello is told to ask the statue to come to dinner with Don Giovanni later that evening and he accepts.

a room lit by the moon, that same evening

Don Ottavio is again comforting Anna, asking her to put off her grief, stop being so cruel, and marry him.

Anna responds that he shouldn’t say such things because he knows how much she loves him. She leaves.

Don Ottavio again promises himself that he will be her protector and avenger.

the banquet hall of Giovanni’s villa, very late that evening

The table is laid out with food and fine wine, the musicians are playing several popular selections. Leporello serves Don Giovanni, but is himself starving and finally steals a mouthful of food, which Giovanni notices. His taunts are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Donna Elvira who for the final time declares her forgiveness and asks him to return to her. Don Giovanni ridicules her and invites her to eat at his table, but she runs out only to encounter a phantom. Leporello is sent out to investigate and also screams. A pounding is heard on the door and the statue enters.

The statue of Il Commendatore says that having eaten of the food of heaven, he cannot eat earthly food and challenges Don Giovanni to join HIM for dinner. Taking the statue’s hand, Don Giovanni’s blood runs cold. He suffers from a variety of spirits attacking him and is finally pulled into the flames of hell.

All of the others suddenly arrive looking for Don Giovanni who is nowhere to be found. Leporello relates what just happened and they are dumbstruck. Each in his/her turn tells what they will now do. Don Ottavio wants to marry but Donna Anna asked him to respect her year of mourning. Zerlina and Masetto will return home to a life together. Donna Elvira will retire to a convent. Leporello is headed to the tavern to find a “better�?master.

The players now instruct the public: This is the end that comes to all who do wrong.

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